Couples Rainbow Tie-Dye

We’re here to help celebrate your true colors with our vibrant dyes. Whether you’re part of the LGBTQIA+ community or a dedicated ally, here’s a colorful way to show your support.

Dyed Wedding Veils

Perhaps our favorite wedding DIY of all time! Our friends from A Practical Wedding created dip dyed veils that elevated the veil from something pretty standard to something so incredibly special and unique. They are all beautiful...

Dyed Wedding Faux Flowers

Did you know the average cost of wedding flowers in 2023 was £2500?! 🤯💸 To help trim down the budget, we custom dyed faux flowers from the pound store to match. 

Revamp Your Closet

Turn yesterday's thread's into today's trends with Rit Dye. Wheter you want to restore the original vibrancy or change it up completely, we're here to keep your clothes in rotation and out of the land...

Dip Dyed Heirloom Carrot Napkins

Hopping into Spring with these vibrant, hand-dyed napkins inspired by colorful heirloom carrots. 🥕 We even made a bunny version for Easter complete with a dyed wooden egg, of course. 🐰

Dyed Wooden Easter Eggs

Fill a plastic container with the hottest tap water and add in dye. Stir well. For this project, we used three color formulas:

Glue Resist Dyed Spring Bunny Tablecloth

Using some Elmer’s School Glue and Hyacinth Rit Dye, we created this simple yet charming tablecloth just in time for spring. It’s perfect for hosting Easter brunch.

How to Dye Your Converse Brown

And now that brown Converses are hard to come by, we’re here with a tutorial to help rock this trend. Since Converses are made of 100% cotton canvas, our All-Purpose Dyes are perfect for giving...

How to Dip Dye Clogs

When our in-house dyer noticed her white clogs getting dirty, she did what she does best: dyed it. Using different dip dye techniques and Rit DyeMore for Synthetics, she was able to create these unique ombré...