Dye Your Halloween Costume!

Rit has been famously crowned the Halloween go-to for getting the exact color you need for a budget-friendly costume. Here’s everything you need to know to confidently embark on your own dyeing adventures.

Step 1: Remove Color (Optional)

If your fabric is white already, skip to step two! If your fabric has an existing color, remove it with Rit Color Remover. You’ll end up with a dye-ready blank canvas for spectacular results and true color.

Step 2: Pick the Right Dye Type

If the fabric is a natural fabric (such as cotton, linen silk, ramie or wool), then you will want to use Rit All-Purpose Dye.

If the fabric contains more than 35% polyester, acrylic or acetate, then you will want to use our new dye line for synthetics, Rit DyeMore.

Step 3: Choose a Shade

We have over 50 colors to choose from! Plus, you can mix our dyes to create over 1,000 additional colors with our color formulas!

Step 4: Dye Your Fabric

You won’t believe how quickly you’ll be able to transform the fabric into a Halloween-ready costume! You can dye in a sink, bucket or even with your washing machine.

Step 5: Voilà!

Apply embellishments (if needed). Now you are ready to impress with your newly dyed costume!

If You Need Some Costume Inspiration...

If You Need Some Costume Inspiration...